Last year, Luc1 Motorsport rolled out a nine-minute-long video as a way to thank the team's sponsors for their support over the 2011 season. Now the crew is back with another supermoto infomercial, and while the 2012 clip may not be as intense as last year's, the video is no less entertaining. While our French is about as rusty some of the vehicles in our stable, the basic plot seems to follow Sylvain Bidart as he frantically races to catch a plane to make a race.

After failing to run down his first flight on the runway, Bidart has to enlist the help of a private pilot, but not before scoring the man some much needed spray lubricant. This, of course, serves as a perfect excuse to go sliding through warehouses and manufacturing facilities in search of the much needed spray can. As if we needed an excuse to watch that kind of sideways highlight reel. Check out the video below for yourself.

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