Something is up with the Nissan Carwings data network, a way for the all-electric Leaf to communicate with smartphones and the mothership back in Japan. Carwings is how drivers can remotely charge their vehicles and heat or cool the cabin. What the current problem is is not fully understood, but Nissan is admitting there's an issue. On its Leaf Facebook page, Nissan Social wrote:

Nissan LEAF Owners:

We are aware of an issue with connectivity between the remote functions between your CARWINGS smartphone app and your LEAF. Please be assured that we've been working around the clock to address this issue and are closing in on a fix ASAP. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

We agree, that's not all that helpful. Over on the MyNissanLeaf forum, you can find plenty of reports from Leaf drivers all over. Users have not yet been able to figure out a fix (by resetting their phones or parts of the car, for example). Even worse, the outage has apparently been going on for about a week now and, as AutoblogGreen reader Michael W put it, "As someone who works in IT, and has 6 servers I manage, I would be on my way to the unemployment line pretty darn quick if I'd let an unresolved issue plague a mission critical server for 7 days!"

We've asked Nissan for more information about what is known about the problem but have not yet heard back.

*UPDATE: Nissan says, "We have generated sample service requests and have traced them through the network so that we can analyze the behaviors to identify failure points." More to come.

*LATER UPDATE: Nissan now says "Our teams performed some code updates, and the Nissan LEAF CARWINGS service is running as normal with no recurring issues in the last 14 hours. We will continue to monitor service performance and work to improve service stability."

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