We've seen EVs do some cool things, including awesome burnouts, but this could top them all: an electric monster truck. Before you say there's something wrong with that, consider that this silent crusher has 850 lb-ft of torque. Odyssey Battery and the famous Ford monster truck team Bigfoot collaborated on the world's first electric monster truck. Odyssey sent 36 drycell batteries in total to the team. The batteries connect to a special electric motor to put out 350 horsepower.

Each battery produces 540 amps and weighs 38 pounds, with the total additional weight of the batteries coming in at 1,375 pounds. Being that the batteries aren't exactly built like those in normal electric cars, it's said that they will only last 400 charge cycles. No word on how long it takes to charge the truck.

"Developing a custom electric monster truck is part of our efforts to keep up with ever-changing technology," said said Jim Kramer, vice president of research, technology and driver development at Bigfoot.

Watch the electric Bigfoot punishing a line of junked gas-burning cars in the video below:

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