A slew of recent trademark filings by General Motors had us daydreaming about the return of Chevrolet models like the El Camino and Nomad, but alas, Automotive News is reporting that the automaker is just keeping up on its paperwork. In order to prevent losing the names to other companies, automakers have to routinely renew the trademark filings for previously used names.

To realize the importance of name trademarks, we only have to look to the Ford Fusion. As the story goes, Ford originally wanted to call this new sedan the Futura, but Pep Boys had assumed control of the name for a line of tires forcing Ford to choose another name. With the Holden Commodore heading back to the US as the Chevrolet SS, we'd still like to believe there's a Holden Ute pickup heading our way with a bowtie on the grille.

While the article all but shoots down our hopes of a new El Camino or Nomad, it makes no mention of the ZR2 name, which also recently came up in similar trademark paperwork and was an off-road-ready trim level on the S10 and Blazer.

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