Our friends at Wired recently got their hands on the latest software release for the Tesla Model S. The 4.0 release adds a few interesting bits of functionality to the EV, including voice control for the navigation and telephone systems as well as Slacker Radio. Tesla employed Google voice-recognition software for the Model S, and Wired says the system is "far easier and more intuitive than most." High praise.

The update also adds another level of customization to the EV's steering wheel controls. The right knob now offers finer audio volume control while the left knob can be configured to handle everything from temperature setting to fan speed or even the opening and closing of the sunroof.

Wired also reports the 17-inch touch screen on the Model S now seems more responsive and that the update includes new graphical displays for the vehicle's range. Other nice tricks include revised throttle response and an adjustment to the vehicle's door handles – now owners need only approach their Model S for the door handles to pop out from their hiding places. You can check out the video below for a closer look.

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