EasyDrift: For when you absolutely, positively don't want traction

Short of driving your tires bald, purposely reducing vehicle traction – say, for driver training purposes – usually involves affixing an expensive outrigger system to lift the car off the ground or buying a dedicated skid car. The three-year-old Easy Drift Driver Training System, on the other hand, changes all of that.

Invented by a former racing driver and used mostly for police training (at the moment), Easy Drift DTS consists of a pair of rings fashioned of some sort of hard, slippery plastic that are placed over the rear tires. Installation requires removing the rear wheels and deflating the tires, slipping the rings on and then voila, a whole bunch of your grip out back has disappeared. Easy Drift says the whole process can be done in three minutes.

Check out the videos below to see how it works; the first is installation, the next two are what you can do when they're on. Driver training could get a lot more fun for all of us.

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