Indianapolis is moving to replace its entire vehicle fleet with electric and plug-in hybrid options. The Detroit News reports mayor Greg Ballard signed an executive order this week that will see Indianapolis replace its sedans with EVs.

Over time, the municipality will work in natural gas-powered snow plows, fire trucks and other heavy equipment in a bid to wean Indianapolis off foreign energy sources. Ballard's plan includes police vehicles, which could save tax payers around $10 million per year in fuel, though the city also maintains a fleet of 500 non-law-enforcement cars. So far, there's no estimation on how much the initial changeover will cost.

Right now, Indianapolis is working with automakers and fleet firms to come up with the best deal for the EV fleet purchase. The area already boasts 200 EV charging stations and plans to install more locations soon. Expect to see the entirety of the Indianapolis fleet switch over to hybrid and electric propulsion by 2025.

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