We come across a lot of dash-cam videos, and while we may have become desensitized to the highway altercations or raceday crashes, this video left us speechless. Simply titled, "well that was 2012," it is a stunning video, chronicling the journey of a handful of Porsche 911s throughout Europe.

The poster of this video explains on his website that he and seven other 911 owners took to an amazing week-long, 2,000-mile journey through seven European countries. The video was shot from the dash of his modified Porsche 993. The tandem movements of the Porsches through traffic has the feeling of a group of friends skiing or snowboarding together, flying past the novices. Oh yeah, and they get pulled over, more than once.

In describing the impression that the trip left, he confesses, "Within a few days of getting home I found it very hard to get back to normal life." Umm... yeah, we can understand that.

Sometimes becoming too wrapped up in the automotive news cycle, we risk losing sight of the big picture. This video serves as a reminder of why we obsessively cover this industry. It stems from a love of the open road, complemented by car worthy of carving it up. We may not all be able to cross Europe in a Porsche 911, but thankfully for videos like this, we can at least get a taste.

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