Were we the proud owners of a Merededes-Benz 300SL, we imagine it would take a court order to pry us from the driver's seat. Even then, we couldn't promise we'd oblige the law. The team from Petrolicious seems to have found an owner who shares our frame of mind. The video below follows one SL owner as he departs for a quick run to the store to pick up some last-minute holiday items. Except, with a clear road ahead and a piece of vintage German engineering idling beneath him, the owner takes his cue to exercise the 300SL a bit.

Of course, that walk around the block may put his marital bliss in jeopardy, but sacrifices will be made. So, the story is a little corny. We'll let that slide so long as we get to peep more gorgeous shots of the red Gullwing burbling through the hills. Check out the video below for a look yourself.

Holiday Errands from Petrolicious on Vimeo.

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