Penelope the pig, in a photo provided by the family. (F... Penelope the pig, in a photo provided by the family. (Fox 8)

Car thieves in Youngstown, Ohio, crashed the car they stole after they discovered they had a passenger in the back seat: Penelope, a nearly 300-pound pot belly pig.

Pennsylvania resident Wendy Thrasher, the car and pig's owner, told local TV station Fox 8 that she was visiting a friend and couldn't bring the pig inside when the car was stolen. Three-year-old Penelope was inadvertently pignapped.

"I panicked and called 911," Thrasher said. "She's like my baby."

Thrasher's Nissan Cube was found abandoned about a mile and a half away. It was smashed, with a crushed front end and deployed airbags. Police found the pig sitting on the back seat, and then Penelope got another ride as the tow truck took the car to the impound lot, according to Cincinnatti's WKRC.

Thrasher told Fox 8 she thinks the pig must've scared the thieves, causing the accident. She took Penelope to the veterinarian because the pig was shaky and breathing funny, but Penelope seems to be doing just fine.

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