Plagued by quality problems and panned by critics, Consumer Reports and car drivers, the MyFord Touch infotainment system is set to receive it's second update this year. Ford is also extending the warranty on the system to five years on Ford vehicles and to six years on Lincolns, in order to give people more confidence in the system.

The software update will be available the week of December 10 for cars without navigation, and will improve voice commands, navigation functions and mobile phone connection, according to a story done by Bloomberg. Owners of cars with navigation will have to wait until early next year for their system upgrades.

The MyFord Touch system has been blasted for causing driver distraction due to its lagginess and overall lack of intuitiveness. The poor quality of the system has sunk the Ford brand in influential quality ratings from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports.

This is the second update to the system this year, with first having come back in March 2012. Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas, said that the first update was a success and that this second one should make the system even better.

"When you look at the version we introduced back in the springtime, in the surveys we've done, that increased our customer satisfaction by over 20 points," he said, according to Bloomberg. "We've seen an improvement from the upgrade we did in the spring and we expect to see another improvement as we introduce this version."

With Ford looking to appeal to younger consumers, the company will have to keep technology, connectivity and infotainment as one of its top priorities, said Fields.

"We're thinking more and more like not only a car company, but also a technology company," he said. "It's very important to update the vehicles on a more frequent basis, particularly around software and applications because consumers are used to their smartphones."


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