At TRANSLOGIC, our love of electric vehicles isn't limited to just cars. We've covered electric-powered boats, ATVs and, of course, bicycles.

One spin around the block on an e-bike and you'll rediscover the joy of peddle-powered transportation. It's a bit like jogging along a moving walkway at the airport or hoofing it up an escalator at the mall: you go twice as fast and twice as far for the same amount of effort.

If you've never experienced the fun of an electric bike, now may be your chance.

Enter for your chance to win a customizable Pedego Classic Cruiser from TRANSLOGIC. This retro-styled bike features a 36 volt rechargeable battery attached to the rear rack.
From Pedego: "As the name implies, form and function are combined to provide a cool looking electric bike that is comfortable to ride to work, running errands, getting exercise, or just having fun."
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