General Motors and Disney have put the finishing touches on the Test Track 2.0 ride at Epcot. Walt Disney World has begun holding previews of the attraction for the theme park's workers and their guests, and a few videos of the experience have already made their way to the web. From the look of the clips, visitors will not only get a glimpse of what the future of Chevrolet may look like, but they'll also come away with a better view of what goes into design a car from a blank canvas.

Disney kept the original Test Track course but turned over the attraction's design and feel to Chevrolet for a full makeover. The result is a sleek and modern feel with a focus on new vehicle technology and design. You can check out the videos below for a better idea of what the new Test Track 2.0 has in store. The ride officially opens to the public later on December 6.

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