Toyota may be hard at work on a new hybrid version of the RAV4. AutoExpress reports the automaker is keeping a close eye on the CUV segment to determine whether or not buyers would be receptive to the idea of a hybrid RAV4. Yoshikazu Saeki, deputy chief engineer with the automaker, said that a hybrid iteration wouldn't be difficult to do. Saeki spoke with AutoExpress during the LA Auto Show, and said that while Toyota has no interest in building either a seven-seat version of the RAV4 or a sportier model along the lines of the Nissan Juke, a hybrid isn't off the table.

"We are watching the market," Saeki said. "After introducing the new RAV4 we will see. There will be a possibility of introducing a hybrid RAV4 and we will respond to what the market wants."

Than again, we've heard these rumblings before. Back in 2009, Toyota said almost the exact same thing after the Shanghai Motor Show three years ago.

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