Hubject, the collaboration between a half-dozen German companies that earlier this year proposed a standardized electric-vehicle charging payment infrastructure for Germany, is now thinking even bigger. BMW, Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, Bosch and the other companies in the collective are looking to broaden Hubject's efforts across Europe, according to Hybrid Cars.

In fact, Hubject is looking to go even further on the technology front, delivering a system that would allow smartphone-toting electric vehicle owners to exchange QR codes with the charging stations so that they can be charged effectively, wirelessly and credit-card-lessly across the continent with its so-called eRoaming service.

Granted, such a system doesn't address the issue of European automakers favoring one type of charging system and the Japanese favoring another. And now, even the Europeans themselves are fractured on compatibility standards, with the Germans pushing for the Type-2 system and the French lobbying for the Type-3 standards. But at least Hubject could clear up the payment situation once all that is worked out, so we have that going for us.

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