Actually, it's not Rick Wagoner all by himself, but the ex- GM chairman is working with a team of tech entrepreneurs who make up Tred, a new test drive concierge service. Tred is still in beta, but the idea is that you pick the cars you'd like to test drive, schedule delivery by concierges who are working to get positive feedback from folks like you and then try out the vehicles you're considering on the roads you know.

There's been good in-roads for Tred in the Seattle area for both dealers and shoppers. How Tred manages to convert a delivery service that's asking for feedback into actual profit will be something to watch. Ask our auto-test fleet people, delivering cars is a time-intensive undertaking that requires people and insurance above and beyond the lot attendants at most car dealerships. Also, dealerships themselves can offer this kind of service, especially a multi-line dealer group, and they've got a book full of relationships from which to start.

In other words, Tred may have a long road to ... tread. We'll be watching.

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