As much as we love to cover the mainstream part of the LA show each year – important debuts, fresh concepts, splashy presentations, etc. – we reserve a special place in our hearts for the tuner/aftermarket/toys/games/odd stuff that can always be found on the basement level of the Los Angeles Convention Center. It's in this space, sometimes referred to internally as "mini SEMA," we can count on getting to look at the physical instantiation of automotive imagination run rampant.

Unfortunately, as almost all of the booths are either still in the process of being set up or unmanned altogether, there's little to no detail to be had about most of the stuff on display. So rather than pepper you with, you know, facts and stuff, we invite you to simply enjoy the attached gallery of images on their own merits. A sort of digital walk-thru of LA's nether region, if you will. Enjoy.

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