is looking to play catch-up with its Prius Plug-in by sweetening the pot for prospective buyers. The Japanese automaker is offering as much as $5,000 in financing funds for some versions of the model, according to Green Car Reports. Toyota is also offering as much as $4,000 for the 'regular' Prius Plug-in. Either way, buyers get a zero percent interest rate for 60 months. The Prius Plug-in has a 95 miles per gallon-equivalent rating from the EPA – almost double the regular Prius' fuel economy.

Toyota's using such perks to spark sales of its least-popular Prius variant. Through October, Toyota sold about 9,600 Prius Plug-ins, or less than a third of the number of Prius V wagons and Prius C compacts. So far in 2012, Toyota has sold more than 126,000 units of the various Prius models, making the line the most popular hybrids in the US, by far.

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