The US may be considered one big melting pot, but it's a French automaker that wants us all to get along when it comes to standard, home-charging system and the fast-charging devices that are likely to become more commonplace.

Renault has developed a system in which its electric vehicles require just one charging port for both standard and fast charges, Plug In Cars reports. Unlike the Leaf, which is made by Renault's sister company Nissan, Renault doesn't have two charging ports on board. Instead, Renault has patented a system in which fast charging is conducted in AC instead of DC, eliminating the need for a second charging port.

Ever the beneficiary of more electric-vehicle awareness, Renault is sharing such fast-AC-charging technology, which is also supported by Volvo and Daimler AG's Smart. While not everyone will be excited about yet another fast-charging system, Italy is already installing such fast-AC charging systems across the country. One obvious benefit? The stations cost about 75 percent less to build than fast-DC charging systems.

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