An 18-year-old escaped serious injury when he toddled a... An 18-year-old escaped serious injury when he toddled away from a window moments before a car came crashing through. (Photo courtesy KABC-TV).

A toddler walked away from a potential fatal situation in a Georgia jewelry store with moments to spare Saturday.

Surveillance cameras show the 18-month-old son of the store's owner peering out the store's front windows, then toddling away. Moments later, the video shows a car crashing through the store's window at the exact spot the boy had stood.

The force of the impact sent the boy several feet into the air, but he was not seriously injured.

"He was catapulated by the force backwards, airborne," his father, Marion Harkelroad told NBC News. "I don't know how hard, btu to me it looked like a long way. He landed in the only spot in my office where there wasn't debris on the carpet."

Savannah police said an 84-year-old woman driving the car had hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

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