Consumers are becoming more interested in plug-in electric vehicles, but many still have questions before they make the first step away from pure gasoline cars. The top 10 such questions can be answered by reading a simple-to-understand method, says Green & Energy Consulting Group, a consulting company focused on electric mobility and green energy.

Green & Eneregy surveyed about 4,000 people to determine the top 10 most important questions for plug-in consumers. Then, three scientists compiled the answers into a free ebook, using words that won't get readers stuck in puzzling technical vocabulary or excessive use of data.

The top question was "How do you recharge an electric car?" This is followed by questions on the lifespan of the electric car, the range of electric cars and how much they cost to own. Government subsidies and maintenance and repair questions were also of interest to survey takers. The consulting group itself focuses on political and environmental issues, such as the CO2 emissions of plug-ins and how to recycle electric car batteries.

The most interesting question, to us, dealt with whether electric vehicles were an over-hyped, passing fad. This question can be answered with a resounding no, according to the authors. Electric mobility is not just another technology that will be fashionable for a short while because of environmental, health and economic reasons. "Finding alternatives to oil and finite fossil fuels that are harmful to both the environment and people's health is of utmost importance. Furthermore the costs of finite fossil fuels will inevitably rise due to the limitation in combination with the constant increasing demand," the authors write.

Plug In America has compiled its own educational answers to frequently-asked questions about electric vehicles, charging and energy sources. These range from the simple, how to ("Is plugging in a hassle?") to more environmentally conscious ("What about overall emissions, including the car and the power plant?"). If you're looking for free answers, they're not all that difficult to find.

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