Big fish, meet small pond. Automotive News reports that former head of global marketing for General Motors, Joel Ewanick, has just joined Fisker Automotive as its head of global sales and marketing on an interim basis. Ewanick held GM's top marketing post for 18 months and left this summer in a fog of intrigue and budgetary musical chairs said to be related to a sponsorship deal with the English soccer club Manchester United.
Gossip is that he's been consulting with companies ever since, Fisker included. When the Karma company's head of sales and marketing, Richard Beattie, announced his retirement, it was easy for Fisker to ask Ewanick to fill in because Fisker Automotive's CEO is Tony Posawatz, former chief engineer of the Chevy Volt.

Although the move is being billed as "interim" at the moment, a Fisker spokesman wouldn't say whether Ewanick could take the position full-time. No doubt everyone will be looking to see how he does, and we wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around if he can make some big moves quickly, which is his forte – even so, his task at the small plug-in in hybrid maker will be different, but probably just as challenging, as that as GM.

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