It's no secret that the Autoblog staff loves it some Automoblox, and one of the latest limited editions is pulling on our heartstrings. The T900 Jim Hoffman Limited Edition starts as the company's T900 pickup truck, but with an exclusive green-and-gold paint job, the cool toy becomes a tribute to a truck that figured prominently in the history of Automoblox. Patrick Callelo, company founder and designer, says the limited edition was inspired by his father-in-law's Z-71.

"The T900 Jim Hoffman Edition is interesting because the colors were inspired by our very own '95 Chevy Z-71 that has been an integral part of our business since we started. It was the daily driver of my father-in-law. He loved that truck. Right before he died he was bragging to me about his new headers and exhaust. My wife bought it from the estate to remember her father. It's been our work horse ever since."

The Jim Hoffman edition T900 features an "I'd rather be fishing" tailgate decal, is limited to a run of 750 units and for the price of $50 comes in a keepsake box perfect for Christmas gift-giving.

The other two limiteds are the C9-SE and the X9-SE. Both feature Automoblox's first use of brilliant black chrome for the wheels and greenhouse, and both are signed by Callelo. These two are also limited to 750 units and come in a keepsake box. The C9-SE goes for $40, while the larger X9-SE retails for $45.

We've given away Automoblox as part of our holiday sweepstakes for several years now. This year will be no different, and we can reveal that these three limited editions will be a part of this year's prize package.

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