If you've grown a reputation as a "car person," odds are you've been assailed with single most infuriating query that can be leveled at an individual of our ilk. In some weak attempt to strike up a conversation, someone has dribbled the words "What's the best car?" from between their lips and slung the syllables all over your shirt front. As you and I know, that's an unanswerable question. You might as well attempt to levy a verdict on the best music, art, sex, or tool. They all have their own time, purpose and flair. The crew at Top Gear have set out to tackle no less of a sticky meditation with its latest DVD: The Worst Car in the History of the World.

Of course, to put some clarity on the question, Jeremy Clarkson and James May are out to investigate the worst car in the history that is both not cheap and from an automaker that should know better. Judging by the quick promotional clip in the video below, the duo take a look at everything from the Ferrari 458 Italia to a Lincoln Continental Mark V and the Lexus SC 430. Check it out for yourself.

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