Even though Porsche engineers left their Macan crossover sitting in the darkness behind a gas station in Stuttgart, it was spotted and briefly photographed and videoed. It looks like the same worse-for-wear mule's that's been popular with photographers for a few months now, its camo-clad exterior and a bit of its interior no longer secrets.

What we can confirm is the surfeit of rumors about what it will have under the hood. As it uses the skeleton of the Audi Q5, no one will be surprised if it uses a modified version of the Q5's heart, the supercharged, 272-horsepower 3.0-liter V6. Supposition beyond that goes to a hybrid Macan with an electrically-assisted, 2.0-liter four-cylinder, also from the Q5, and then to a possible 370-hp, twin-turbo V6.

Somewhere in all of that, along with bumf that a three-door Macan could factor as a rival to the Range Rover Evoque, is a model matrix that is expected to sell 75,000 units in its first year. You can have a look at the future in the video below.

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