Nissan, which earlier this year said it would start making an all-electric car in China under the Venucia brand starting in 2015, is getting a jump on the promotional front for the EV. Venucia, a joint-venture between Nissan and Dongfeng, will run pilot programs in 15 China cities starting next year for the new EV model, Reuters report, citing Nissan spokesman Du Fan speaking at the China International Automobile Exhibition.

In April, Nissan said the Venucia EV would start production in 2015 and unveiled a concept version at the Beijing Auto Show that month. The version displayed in Beijing appeared to be a modified Leaf. Venucia currently makes two other vehicles: the D50 and R50.

Earlier this month, Nissan chief Carlos Ghson said the company would not reach its stated goal of selling 20,000 Leafs in the US this year, though he did remain confident about global sales growth for the Leaf, as well EV sales by sister company Renault.

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