Melissa Miller was arrested for speeding and reckless d... Melissa Miller was arrested for speeding and reckless driving (Photo courtesy of St. Lucie County Jail).
God may indeed be the divine ruler of all creation. For now, police officers still make the rules on Florida's roads.

How else to explain why a Florida woman who claimed the Lord told her to drive 100 miles per hour through a 30-mph residential neighborhood was nonetheless arrested for reckless driving?

Residents reported a woman in a silver Toyota was racing down a residential street near U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce, Fla., on Nov. 20, and repeatedly honking her horn and frantically waving her arms and gesturing. Officers pursued her in a high-speed chase.

When Melissa Miller, 41, finally pulled over, she told officers that "I was letting the Lord spirit guide me," according to a police report of the incident. She said repeatedly honked loudly because "The Lord was telling me to do it."

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