Since first hearing about the restoration project to bring the Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 time machine back to life, we haven't heard that much about the progress. The project was supposed to be "concluded" over the summer, but it turns out finding original parts or creating all new ones for a fictional time machine isn't as easy as it sounds... actually, it doesn't even sound that easy.

As an update for the museum-quality restoration being given to the neglected "A car" from the original BTTF movie, Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of the movie trilogy, shows us some of the painstaking work that goes into bringing such an iconic movie car back to life.

Joe Walser and Terry Matalas have led the restoration team, which has completely disassembled Doc Brown's DeLorean, and are working to rebuild the car from the ground up. This includes redoing the interior, all of the electronics (with the critical flux capacitor) and even the car's signature stainless steel body parts. One of the remade pieces includes the metal receptacle in which plutonium was placed to get the required 1.21 "jiggawatts" of power to make time travel possible; this was the original time machine, so no Mr. Fusion here.

Scroll down to see what's been done to the car so far, and check out the updates on the Time Machine Restoration Facebook page. Like the first BTTF move, this story is "to be... continued," but Gale says that the project is now expected to be completed next month, and it will be on permanent display inside Universal Studios Hollywood.

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