The name "Aggie Bus" doesn't fully explain the factors that make this all-electric people-mover kind of a big deal. First displayed last week, the Aggie Bus can charge wirelessly, with "a maximum misalignment of up to six inches during charging over an air gap of 10 inches," and is over 90 percent efficient from the grid to the battery, according to Utah State University.

USU has a Wireless Power Transfer team that is working with the USTAR Advanced Transportation Institute, located at USU. The bus is a "first-of-its-kind" prototype and tests show it can recharge at a power level of up to 25 kilowatts. USU researchers have been working on wireless charging for a while. Last summer, we learned about the in-road charging system, which at the time was limited to five kW. When we caught up with USU this spring, where we learned that 50-kW systems are on the radar, too. So, consider the Aggie Bus an important step in wireless charging, but certainly not the last one.

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