For the most part, cars shot in slow motion just look like they're going around 12 mph. Unless we're talking about some quivering carbon-fiber monocoque Formula One racer or a thrashing top fuel drag machine, slow motion footage is largely wasted on the mechanical. That rule of thumb doesn't apply to motorcycles, however. The crew from See See Motorcycles recently took time to go play in the dirt, and Greg Schmitt was on hand to capture the chaos in glorious slow-mo.

While the clip includes a good dose of hilarity with riders bolting through piles of leaves and even full bags of flour, we're more taken with a mighty showdown between two dirt-bike-riding ladies. Emily and Tori George square off in a good old-fashioned, high-stakes tug of war using a pair of vintage Hondas for the duel. With what looks to be a big, chilly puddle between the two riders, only one can come out clean. Place your bets, and check out the video below for yourself.

See See Motorcycles from see see motorcycles on Vimeo.

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