Automakers are always trying to find creative ways to introduce new products to the media, and Subaru definitely came up with an interesting idea to unveil the new 2014 Forester earlier this week. With a large screen and two covered Foresters, Subaru used projection mapping to make for one eye-catching presentation.

Using a computer to project images onto an object, Subaru was able to "build" its new Forester on stage using robots, lasers and fans. The whole process is fun to watch, but the coolest part of the video is watching a set digital robotic arms build the Forester's drivetrain and then throw it underneath the awaiting crossover. We've seen projection mapping before on a Lamborghini Reventon and Toyota Yaris for promotional purposes, but this is the first time we've seen such an innovative use of the technology for a product launch.

Scroll down to watch the entertaining video of the Forester's launch, and be sure to check out our First Drive of the new crossover.

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