A dashcam in a patrol car recorded footage of a dramati... A dashcam in a patrol car recorded footage of a dramatic accident in Augusta, Wisconsin. (Courtesy: CNN).

A police officer in Augusta, Wisconsin survived a harrowing car accident that could have been far worse, had he returned to his patrol car only a few seconds later.

A dashcam in the parked cruiser captured the dramatic crash.

Another motorist, later identified as a 71-year-old male, crosses the double-yellow line and heads straight toward the police car, veering away at the last possible second. But he couldn't entirely avoid the crash.

Short of breath, the officer, identified only by his last name as Wisniewski, calls, "Somebody just hit me head on. ... It's an emergency." Moments later, he can be heard having a terse exchange with the other driver.

"It could have been terrible," said August police chief Mike Mosley. "I could be making a call to parents and loved ones."

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