Big things are headed your way, Mustang fans. Ford's iconic coupe is destined to get a modern dose of styling, based on the bodywork that graced the Evos concept car in 2011, to go along with its long-awaited independent rear suspension.


A new set of spy photos indicates that Ford is well into the development of the 2015 Mustang. Based on what little we can see underneath all that thick black camouflage, the new face really does share DNA with the Evos, not to mention the latest Ford Fusion, due in part to the shape of its grille.

It's also easy to see the influence of European pedestrian safety standards on the slope of the hood and height of the fascia. Everything behind the A pillars is covered with current-gen Mustang bodywork, though we do spot some interestingly unclad stampings surrounding the car's undercarriage.

Under the hood, the spy photographers note that there's less room for massive (and often forced-induction) V8 engines, though it does appear that the current 5.0-liter mill indeed fits inside. Barely. Which makes us ask this inevitable question: Is the world ready for Ford Mustang EcoBoost? We certainly are.

Check out the full image gallery above, and let us know what you think in the Comments.

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