Any time you have to hand off the keys to a valued car, it can be a little nerve racking – and with some justification. Just check out this video, which serves as a cautionary tale of sorts. According to its YouTube description, the user, named ShakenBakeRacin, lent his Ariel Atom to his brother and recorded video of him driving the lightweight racer on the north course at VIR – Virginia International Raceway. What was probably not expected was what ensues in the video.

The driver is hot on the heels of another Atom when a combined crest-and-curve results in loss of control (okay, in addition to the car getting light, it looks like our driver may have forgotten his track map). The Ariel unceremoniously exits the racing surface. That alone would have been enough justification for the owner to ask for his keys back, but things don't end there. The scant curb weight of the Atom combined with track-minded tires proves a dangerous combination when skating across the grass infield. Considering the wide-open expanses of green space where the Atom could have slowed to a less-dramatic stop, the results feel doubly unfortunate.

At the end of the wild ride, is it just us, or does it seem like the frustrated Atom just about spits in frustration? "Ptooey!" Okay, maybe it's just us. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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