A ban has reportedly been issued on a UK commercial for the Toyota GT86 (know as the Scion FR-S here in the US) that supposedly might "encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly," because it "condoned dangerous driving."

The commercial, known as "The Real Deal," in question has very clearly made an effort to distance itself from any kind of illicit real-world driving, as Toyota is fully aware that British laws forbids that kind of advertising. Toyota reportedly told Britain's Advertising Standards Authority that it did not, in fact, condone unsafe or irresponsible driving, and that its commercial – which features a digital man in a sort of Dystopian "video game" world – is impossible to reproduce under real-world conditions.

Toyota UK has not, as of this writing, felt compelled to remove the advertisement from its YouTube page, meaning you are at liberty to watch it for yourself below. At least here in The States, we consider it extremely "safe for work" – just don't try this on the road, hotshot.

Does banning a commercial from television serve to make it more popular on the internet? Give us your thoughts in Comments.

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