In 2011, Chrysler unveiled its now-famous "Imported from Detroit" ad during the Super Bowl. The ad that sparked a Motown rallying cry of sorts featured Eminem, the Chrysler 200, and a key musical element; the Selected of God gospel choir. The choir performed Eminem's "Lose Yourself," and in doing so, unwittingly catapulted their careers.

The Detroit Free Press has highlighted how the group became involved with Chrysler, and the subsequent fame that came with the ad. Apparently ad agency Wieden + Kennedy was looking to cast genuine Detroiters rather than actors for the ad campaign, and sought out a bellman, waitresses, and a gospel choir. Larry Callahan, director of the Selected of God choir, answered a casting call to audition for the ad. Only days before the ad ran did they know their full role in the TV spot.

Apparently, while the choir was rehearsing at Detroit's legendary Fox Theater, Eminem walked in. The director though the rapper's presence would distract the group, but they continued to perform. In reaction to this, the ad's creators changed the concept to its final incarnation.

Following the ad, which gained national attention, the choir's fame rose, too. According to Callahan, the number of shows that Selected of God performs per year has gone from a half-dozen to almost 60. The group is debuting its third album, entitled The Evolution II, today, featuring promotion from Walmart and Chrysler, which continues to partner with, and support the choir.

Selected of God has performed at the New York Auto Show, as well as at Chrysler-sponsored events. The choir will be performing at the Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit, with the sponsorship of Chrysler. In addition, the Auburn Hills automaker will once again feature the Selected of God choir in a new ad, titled "Big Finish," which is set to air at the end of the year.

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