According to the Twitter musings of one Jeremy Clarkson, the Top Gear UK crew is back in the States for another harebrained adventure, this time in a trio of comely supercars. Judging by some grainy Twitter pics, Clarkson is in Las Vegas with Richard Hammond and James May, set to drive cross-country in a Lexus LFA, SRT Viper and Aston Martin Vanquish.

The ever-wry Clarkson appears to have just landed, having announced on Twitter less than 24 hours ago: "People of America. We have passed muster at your idiotic border controls, and we are here, ready to play."

In fact, the Top Gear action this time 'round might not be limited solely to the US – on November 7, Clarkson tweeted, "We will be in Mexico next week." Earlier missives suggest a sizable journey – some 3,000 miles. We're guessing the trip will work out to be the longest journey by a media member in the new SRT, and not by a little bit. Who knows, that may even hold true for the Lexus and Aston Martin. Viva Lost Wages, boys.

Details about TG's journey or when the story will air on the BBC are otherwise slim... anyone else have information on where they're headed? Let us know in Comments.

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