So just how do the automobile magazines select their Car of the Year awards? Pointing at the cars blindfolded? Divining rod? Tossing lawn darts? No, it's a little more complicated than that.
To shed light on how Motor Trend selects its COTY, Jessi Lang gives us a glimpse into the process, describing it as "carefully organized madness."

It begins with the Motor Trend staff hammering it out over minutiae, like a windshield wiper. Next, they get down to the fun part; wringing the candidates out on the track, followed by open-road testing. Motor Trend created six criteria upon which judges are able to compare cars that span different vehicle segments, price points, and purposes.

These include value, safety, efficiency, advancement in design, engineering excellence and performance of intended function. There are eleven judges, including our friend Jonny Lieberman, who doesn't disappoint with his commentary, calling the Chevrolet Malibu "less of a car, and more of a collection of everything I don't like." Oh, Jonny.

There was much deliberating, and passionate debate, the result of which was the selection of a single car that rose above all others. And the winner is....? Well, they kind of leave you hanging, but the video is worth watching to see how the champion is crowned. The winner will be announced this Monday, November 12 and stand alongside the magazine's already announced 2013 SUV of the Year, the Mercedes-Benz GL. What car do you think will claim the golden calipers? Have your say in Comments.

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