Arizona Man Catches Fire In Alleged Gas Theft

A man in Mesa, AZ who was illegally siphoning gasoline from a truck caught on fire and crashed his own truck into a house, according to

Mesa police said that a man in his 30s was illegally siphoning gas using a homemade electronic device when a rogue spark caught his clothes on fire. Although he executed the stop, drop and roll, he was unable to put out his shirt and decided that his next course of action was to flee the scene.

While still on fire, the man got into his own truck and started to drive away. The fire then spread from his clothes to the truck, prompting the man to abandon the truck while it was still in motion. After bailing, the truck continued for a little ways before crashing into a house's garage. The truck then exploded, causing a great deal of damage to the structure. reports that the man is recovering from the burns at a local hospital and could face charges of theft, DUI, felony criminal damage and possession of dangerous drugs.

Check out the incredible video for yourself above.


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