A car caught far after flipping over and landing in the... A car caught far after flipping over and landing in the middle of Interstate 90 north of Madison, Wisconsin. (Courtesy: WMTV).
WMTV - NBC15 Madison, Wisconsin:

Two people might have perished in a fiery car accident, had an experienced group of rescuers not happened upon the scene of the crash along Interstate 90 in Wisconsin at precisely the right time.

An off-duty state trooper decided to leave a hunting trip to the northern part of the state two hours early. He helped smash windows and a windshield in the inverted car burning on the median and pull the two victims to safety. Their names have not been released.

Just after the trooper, Phil Witkewicz, had pulled them to safety, two firefighters returning from a conference stopped at the scene. Knowing trucks carried fire extinguishers, they flagged down semis and used the extinguishers to halt the car's flames and a brush fire on the media, according to WMTV reports. At the same time, a nurse stopped and helped Witkewicz administer aid to the victims until an ambulance arrived.

The accident occurred Sunday along a stretch of interstate between New Lisbon and Mauston.

"You put a bunch of strangers together from pretty much everywhere in the state ... just coming together going, 'Hey, we need to help these people,'" Collin Carriere, one of the firefighters, told the television station. "Knowing that the car was on fire and the fuel source was on the median, the dry grass and stuff, it could have been a lot worse."

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