If you were looking forward to the day you could order one of AM General's HUMVEE C-Series kits, it's almost time to get out the wrenches. Details, photos and a pre-order form are live on the AM General website.

Most of the details are as we reported in August, with a couple of surprises. The C-Series will still be a kit requiring an engine but now starts at $59,995, $995 more than previously reported. The doors and top remain covered in rugged, minimalist, "canvas-style" vinyl, and the aluminum body will be assembled with heat-set adhesive, which will then be put together airplane-style with 2,800 rivets.

The bodies will be available with khaki, green or sand-colored paint over the "corrosion-thwarting alodine" treated aluminum panels. The composite hood comes with lights, latches and wiring pre-installed.

Inside, four passengers will have high-back cloth seats and air conditioning. Though we previously reported that the interiors won't be trimmed out, C-Series kits will come with a camo-print dashboard to hold the basic gauge package.

Options include a Central Tire Inflation System for $1,611 or CTIS with wheels, tires and beadlocks for $6,964, a 12,000-pound winch at $2,249, driveline protection for $985, heated windshields for $946, a geared fan drive (required for engines over 220 horsepower) for $3,588 and front and rear diffs upgraded to Eaton ELocker units for $2,452.

The first 50 customers can lock in the $60k price with a 10-percent deposit and can expect to receive their projects as early as next spring. AM's website points out that while all the parts they ship are guaranteed free of defect, once you put them together, the completed vehicle is not warranted by the company. And since General Motors owns the now-defunct Hummer brand, the finished product must be called a Humvee.

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