If you're in the market for a McLaren F1, we likely don't need to tell you you're going to need a fat stack of cash to take one of the supercars home. The machines rarely wind up for sale, and when they do, they command a serious price tag.

Tom Hartley Jr. recently earned himself a spot in the record books when he sold his F1 to a very happy buyer. The V12-powered McLaren brought in 3.5 million pounds, or around $5.6 million, becoming the most expensive supercar ever sold in the process. Keep in mind, this is just a standard road version of the F1.

Race examples and longtails could conceivably fetch even more cash. Hartley owns an exotic car dealership and has been buying and selling vehicles since he was 11 years old. Even so, he says the F1 is still his favorite car of all time.

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