Whether you spell the word "rumor" in the US or "rumour" in the UK, this one's a good one.

Tesla Motors is looking to make its upcoming version of its Roadster all-electric convertible faster than the original when it debuts to the public in 2017, UK's Auto Express "reports," citing unsorted rumors, or, er, rumors. The California-based automaker will also likely call the car – wait for it – the Model R.

Tesla produced about 2,500 Roadsters between 2008 and 2011. The model, made with Lotus parts, started at $109,000. Auto Express says the new version will share the same platform as the Model S sedan (out now) and the Model X crossover that is set to debut in 2014, but we think it is more likely to use Tesla's smaller, third-generation platform.

Last month, Tesla started a buyback program allowing Roaster owners to trade them in for credit against the purchase of a new Model S sedan.

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