Yes, you read that title correctly. Ivan Cervantes knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope on an enduro bike. The guy has claimed the world Enduro championship title a total of five times, but decided to take on something a little more unorthodox during a recent practice session. Cervantes came upon a small pond five feet deep and 141 feet across and decided he was going to attempt to ride his bike across the surface of the water. Needless to say, there was a pretty steep learning curve attached to the feat.

His first three attempts ended with the bike on the bottom and a face full of water, even while hitting the surface at around 56 miles per hour. As it turns out, speed wasn't so much the issue as the water surface itself. Cervantes waited for the waves to settle and hit the throttle one last time. The bike powered across the entire surface of the pond and touched ground safely on the other side. Check it out below.

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