General Motors may push to soften Cadillac design language for the Chinese market, according to Reuters. GM CEO Dan Akerson plans to bolster Cadillac sales in China to meet current US levels by 2015, which may mean the Crest will abandon the sharp lines and aggressive angles of the its current stable.

The report suggests Chinese buyers are more at ease with smooth lines and plenty of curves thanks in part to the concept of Zhongyong. The Confucian ideal stresses harmony over conflict and permeates Chinese society. The minds at GM seem to recognize that trend, and are keen to take some of the bite out of forthcoming models. The updated style wouldn't be a complete visual makeover, rather it would be toned down a bit while still remaining unique and distinctive.

Buyers are on pace to snap up 35,000 Cadillac units in China this year, up 5,000 compared to 2011. Even so, analysts predict the brand will only see sales of around 75,000 units by 2018, which is still less than half of the number of units sold in the US last year. Models like the XTS sedan and ATS may help swell those numbers, however.

Cadillac XTS Information

Cadillac XTS

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