Ferrari has a new board of directors member. Eddy Cue, vice president of internet software and services for Apple, has just taken a seat at the table with the rest of the brand's decision makers. According to Wired, that tie-up could result in an influx of new Apple tech thinking on Ferrari models. Last April, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo met with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the two reportedly spent the time praising each other's dedication to technology and design.

Cue has been a heavy hitter with Apple, having had his hands on everything from iLife to iBooks, the App Store and iCloud. Right now, he's overseeing both iOS Maps and Siri. Apple is currently partnering with a number of manufacturers, including General Motors, Honda and Toyota to integrate Siri into vehicle interfaces, but has been reticent to allow its executives to serve on other corporate boards until now. Cue says he has owned five Ferrari models to date, and respects the brand ethos behind the products.

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