• Vilner Bulldog side

  • Vilner Bulldog front 3/4

  • Vilner Bulldog front 3/4

  • Vilner Bulldog side

  • Vilner Bulldog with model and dog

  • Vilner Bulldog

  • Vilner Bulldog in red

  • Vilner Bulldog side

  • Vilner Bulldog from above

  • Vilner Bulldog in blue

  • Vilner Bulldog wheel

  • Vilner Bulldog rear 3/4

Vilner has pulled back the curtain on its newest creation: the Bulldog. A modified Triumph Speed Triple, the Bulldog features a number of aesthetic tweaks to set it apart from its more staid siblings. A new single headlamp now rides in place of the factory bug-eyed dual-lamp unit, and designers swapped out the stock wheels for a pair of flashy OZ Racing pieces. The stock pipes were also ditched in favor of the blacked-out examples you see above. With custom leather work both on the saddle and along the bike's body work, there's no mistaking this machine for a standard Speed Triple.

While Vilner typically focuses its attention on four-wheeled transportation, the company has recently turned its eye toward bikes as well. As you may recall, the design house cranked out a wild version of the BMW F800R a few months ago, and, though it's not our cup of tea, the similarly sinister Bulldog fits right in line with the family aesthetic. You can check out the quick press release below as well as a video of the Bulldog in action.

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Vilner Custom Bike Bulldog

The model Speed Triple of Triumph has appeared in 1994. More aggressive appearance and
increased size of the headlights are the signs of new developmental trend. The Speed Triple is
the most popular model of Triumph. The newer models have a flashy motor with aggressive
appearance, but at large the model fabric changes during the years are simple as the British

Bulgarian masters of Vilner remake the model of the British company (founded by Germans)
targeted for Russian customer.

By adding new features to the outfit it becomes more massive and aerodynamic.
Two headlamps are replaced by one.
The mirrors have been replaced over the handlebars.
The stand number is processed.
The exhaust pipes are in black.
Bulldog gets and new Racing wheels OZ.
As additional details are embedded the blinkers .
The added rear details are connected at the bottom with another piece. This optical innovation
and the specific form of broadcast additions reminiscent of dogs breed English bulldog.


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