Word has it US Highlander is getting back to producing motorcycle engines. As you may recall, the company was on track to start a new line of American-built bikes when a small plane crash claimed the lives of Chase Bales, Damian Riddoch and Mats Malmberg, the main players behind the company. Without them, the US Highland plant closed its doors.

Now a new group of owners is getting the brand back on its feet. TheKneeslider.com reports we may see a relaunch early next year, complete with a new single-cylinder engine. A V-Twin will follow along shortly thereafter, and US Highland plans to also offer build-to-order bikes.

The powerplants will be made available to individual consumers as well as larger manufacturers in a number of displacements. We're just glad to hear the idea is still alive and well. Stay tuned for more information as the brand progresses, and be sure to head over to the US Highland site for more information.

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