An alert enthusiast in Madrid, Spain was quick enough to snap a picture of what looks like the next-generation Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and send it to Autofacil. Caught staged during what appears to be a photo or video shoot, the reader, Victor Poza, wrote that after sundown the street was watered and the sedan was placed with a view of skyskrapers in the distance.

A few weeks ago, a camouflaged prototype was snapped at the Nürburgring, its face and sides mostly hidden. Poza's photo allows a glimpse of the single-piece headlights and the new upper and lower grille treatments – much cleaner and more expressive than the face of the current car. It looks like the AMG version gets a chromed lower element to set itself apart. And sure enough, the pontoon fenders have been retired to, well, wherever it is that pontoons live since it is no longer on the fenders of automobiles.

An intense refresh of the E-Class, at least one report has stated that all of the sheetmetal is new except for the roof and front doors. Underneath the skin will come more avant-garde gadgetry like the suspension that adjusts to the profile of the road based on the image provided by camera, and a night vision system that can detect pedestrians and animals. Inside is expected to be a greater use of leather, wood and metal.

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