One of the major side effects of the power outrages in New York and New Jersey following hurricane Sandy is gas stations' difficulty getting fuel to customers. Shortages have led to seemingly endless gas lines, and in all of this, hybrids have shown their inherent value.

Business Insider says that hybrids are proving to be advantageous for many New York City taxi drivers. The NYC cab fleet is currently a mix of hybrid vehicles and comparatively fuel-hungry Ford Crown Victoria sedans. According to the report, at many taxi companies, cars are assigned to drivers first-come, first-serve, so what they're driving on a given day comes down to the luck of the draw.

One cab driver said that refueling a the V8-powered Ford costs about $45 a day, while the the hybrid taxis can go a couple days before needing to gas up. It's suspected that the Crown Vic drivers, forced to go to great lengths to refuel, will not be reimbursed for their efforts.

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